Completed Projects

Project IREDA - 1 MWp DC


Policy: This is one of the projects built under JNNSM - IREDA Roof Top Program.

Technology Details: This project was built with Single Axis Tracker Technology using Central Inverters and with INDIAN made PV Crystalline modules.

Project Site: The project site is near Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

COD: The project was commissioned in 2011 - 12.

UKM Founder Role: Head of EPC Division


We would like to thank Mr. Mantha for the support he has extended to our 1MW Solar Power Plant in the capacity of the Head of EPC of Solar Semiconductor Pvt Ltd. His presence has helped us commission our plant before the deadline and we are glad to see the production reaching the optimum levels within a short period of commissioning. He has demonstrated a very good ability to manage people for the benefit of the project: whether it was the project team, the vendors, the government officials and in some cases even our own management.

We have also benefitted from his technical knowledge and his business insights which result in a unique and beneficial EPC arrangement with his company.

We look forward to associating with him again in the future.

- Girish Gelli, Director, Gajanan Financial Services Private Limited.