Completed Projects

Project Gujarat - 20 MWp DC


Policy: This is one of the projects built under GUJARAT STATE policy.

Technology Details: This project was built with Fixed Structure using Central Inverters and Amorphous THIN FILM modules.

Project Site: The project site is near Shivlekha Village, BHUJ District, GUJARAT

COD: The project was commissioned in 2011 - 12.

UKM Founder Role: Head of EPC Division


We are grateful to Mr. Mantha B for his integral involvement in the commissioning of 20 MW Solar Power Generation Unit established by (Solar Semiconductor Private Limited/NSL) at Kutch, Gujarat.

His experience of engineering, procurement and construction activities for solar photovoltaic power generation plants integrates with his expertise in project development and implementation process to yield efficient systems of the mentioned power generation unit.

The business management expertise demonstrated by him in terms of project scheduling, financial modeling as well as team management delivered us a well-engineered system promising the best value for investment.

His responsiveness to the professional commitments has ensured the execution of the project in synchronization with the pre-designed timelines. We sincerely thank him for the benefits which will be derived by the investors through this project in the following time horizons. We also wish him a bright future.

SSN Prasad, Director, SSPL

I have known Mr. Mantha from 2011. He has considerable knowledge and technical skills in the Solar inductry. He is familiar with setting up grid connected Solar plants, and interacting with regulatory agencies.

I have found him to be professionally competent, and I wish him well in his future endeavors.

K.Srinivas, COO, SSPCIPL