Karnataka DCR 100MW Solar - Tender Result

TATA won 50 MW Project and Parampujya won 50 MW Project in the bid held yesterday for the 100 MW NTPC Tender for putting up DCR project in pavagada solar park. Tata won by quoting lowest Rs.4.84 and Parampujya won by quoting Rs.4.86. Definitely with DCR the solar tariffs below Rs.5 are a reality .

Sl No. Bidder' Name Quoted Value Loaded Value Bidder's Quantity (MW)
1 Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd. 4.84 4.84 1.00
2 Parampujya Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. 4.86 4.86 2.00
3 Kalthia Engineering and Construction Ltd. 5.05 5.05 1.00
4 Azure Power India Pvt. Ltd. 5.08 5.08 2.00