Jordan’s unveils successful bids under second tender

The successful bidders under Jordan’s second 200 MW PV tender round have been announced. Two from Saudi Arabia have generated hopes for a spillover of the uplifting solar mood to the nearby Arab state.

While 33 companies submitted an initial application to Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources under its second PV tender, only 24 companies submitted financial bids.

As mentioned yesterday, the second tender round saw record low feed-in tariffs (FITS), with the four successful bids attracting tariffs 50% under those seen in the first tender.

The four successful bidders were: GI Karnomourakis SunRise PV Systems, with a FIT bid US$0.0613 per kWh; Saudi Oger with $6.49 per kWh; Fotowatio/ALJ with $6.91 per kWh; and Hareon Swiss Holding with $7.67 per kWh.

Greece’s GI Karnomourakis SunRise PV Systems is the absolute tender surprise, since it is a small Greek company, established in 2006, and this is its largest project to date.

Fotowatio/ALJ’s aggressive bid was rather expected since the partnership builds upon strong financial backing from Saudi Arabia's Abdul Latif Jamil (ALJ). Together with Saudi Oger, another Saudi stakeholder, there is hope that the positive solar outlook and experience gained from Jordan’s tender may transfer to Saudi Arabia.

This view is also shared by the Middle East’s Solar Industry Association, which commented, "The results in Jordan will send a strong signal to other solar markets, notably Saudi Arabia, who are sitting on the sidelines of the [MENA] region's solar market. Riyadh can now see that solar is extremely competitive compared to conventional sources of power generation. If they decide to follow in Amman's footsteps, we will see the Middle East solar market take off like never before."

See below for a list of the submitted bids under Jordan’s second round of PV tender.

Sl No. Partnership/Bidders Bid in JOD cents/kWh Bid in US$/kWh
1 GI Karnomourakis SunRise PV Systems 4.3441 0.0613
2 Saudi Oger 4.59784 0.0649
3 Fotowatio/ALJ 4.8949 0.0691
4 Hareon Swiss Holding 5.43 0.0767
5 Evolution Solar/AMP 5.59 0.0789
6 Philadelphia Solar 5.60 0.0791
7 SolaireDirect 5.68 0.0802
8 Neon 5.738 0.081
9 Linuo Group 5.86 0.0827
10 Activ Solar 6.00 0.0847
8 Mainstream 6.1493 0.0868
9 Kawar-First Solar 6.23 0.088
10 Alten Renewable Energy Developments 6.275 0.0886
8 Al Sanad for Renewable Energy (JoSolars) 6.299 0.0889
9 SkyPower-FAS 6.361 0.0898
10 SunEdison 6.4 0.0904
8 Elecnor 6.413 0.0905
9 ACWA 6.5831 0.0929
10 SECI 6.6 0.0932
8 Elf 6.6 0.0932
9 Scatec 6.698 0.0946
10 Hanergy 7.00 0.0988
8 Spectrum International for Investment 7.3 0.1031
9 Suncore PV Technology 9.4 0.1327